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A simple procedure such as teeth whitening alone can sometimes achieve this, whereas more complex cases may require dental veneers, clear braces, aesthetic porcelain dental crowns, or a combination of cosmetic options.

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Composite Bonding

Sometimes smile imperfections such as gaps, chips and cracks in your teeth can be easily solved with cosmetic composite bonding

Discover Invisalign

At Cronin Dental Studio, we have a special interest in Invisalign. Dr Cronin has a post graduate diploma in Orthodontics and his main area of focus is Invisalign treatments

Anti Wrinkle Injections
Anti-Wrinkle Injectables work to prevent the formation of static wrinkles by stopping the signal between the nerve and muscle
Tooth Whitening
Tooth whitening is the simplest and most effective way to brighten your natural tooth colour dramatically, whilst staying kind to your teeth
Smile Makeover
At CDS, our expert dental team will provide you with a tailor-made treatment plan to gift you that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of
A dental crown is a fixed restoration that covers damaged, cracked or broken down teeth
made to move

Discover Invisalign

Invisalign are clear, near invisible braces. It uses gentle forces to strengthen your teeth without the need to use traditional metal braces.

Invisalign Braces are a new, almost invisible way to straighten your teeth. The treatment is carried out using clear, removable and comfortable aligners. Invisalign involves a series of computer generated aligners that are tailor-made for you. By changing aligners every week, your teeth will gradually move into the correct alignment. You can easily remove the aligners at any time to allow you to brush your teeth and eat as normal.
Alison OShea
Alison OShea
Ciara O S
I have recently moved to Cronin Dental and I must say I'm really impressed. David is professional,kind and excellent at his job. He has done fantastic work on my teeth and I highly recommend him to everyone.
Ciara O S
Margaret O'Callaghan
David is really relaxed and makes his patients feel the same. I really hate going to the Dentist but David in Cronin Dental is really great and the experience is Pain Free.
Margaret O'Callaghan
An irrational fear of dentists had me going only when I was in serious pain and over the years(20 of them!!), it finally caught up with me. I just needed to bite the bullet, get my act together and go!! I started going to David and I found the experience very positive. First visit, I was in a cold sweat, my colour dropped!! But after a few minutes chatting through what options were available for me, I was in the hot seat and genuinely at ease. Terribly nice guy, very calm, reassuring and really good at what he does. Haven't had any pain or discomfort. So much so, David is now our family dentist and I am a regular visitor. A big turning point for me!! Thanks David.
Marie Casey
Would highly recommend Dave to anyone in search of a dentist. Every visit so far has been excellent and absolutely pain free. My teeth have never looked better after attending Cronin Dental and now, thanks to Dave, I have little to no insecurities regarding my teeth. Dave always goes out of his way to answer any questions I may have and is always extremely reassuring. Whole experience has been 10/10.
Marie Casey
Mary Kelly
*New PAIN FREE Treatment * It’s not that I love going to the dentist ???? but it is definitely easier when I know I’m going to Cronin Dental in Ballincollig. David is patient and pleasant, not to mention a great Dentist! AND - his new magic treatment has made cleaning and scaling so much easier! The sensitivity and soreness is gone! #Gamechanger He treats all the family - since they were small kids needing fissure seals to braces advice, through to routine dental and emergency visits. Highly recommended!
Mary Kelly
sharon mullally
Excellent dentist and gifted kids dentist. David is great with the kids, my 3 have no fear or issue going to the dentist...they actually enjoy going. He explains their treatment plan really well to them and me.
sharon mullally
Rob O'Riordan
Top class
Rob O'Riordan
Ian O'Sullivan
Never thought the kids would look forward to going to the dentist but Davids vibe has created that. He really knows his stuff.
Ian O'Sullivan
Sinead O Donovan
David is our family dentist and he's excellent. My kids love him and he has a great pain free technique. Highly recommend Cronin Dental.
Sinead O Donovan
021 4870152